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The gameplay resembles classic snake: the snake runs on the board and grows each time it eats an apple. The game ends if it hits the wall or bites itself. The innovation is it can head an arbitrary direction, not only left/right/up/down.


Touching the game field points which direction should the snake head. The snake will make the turn immediatly. The angle however will not be more than 90°.


Apples are the common food snake eats. Each apple makes the snake grow. It also gives an amount of points immediately and some extra continuously for few seconds after the meal.


From time to time a star may appear. They are worth more points and don't make the snake grow. They however exist only for a short moment.


"Combo" means eating several apples/stars one after another in a short time (notice the fading number on the status bar). Combos grant some extra points too.

Status bar

The top bar shows the current state of the game. To the left is the score, to the right is the snake's length. In the middle there is the current combo value, fading as the combo time elapses.


Profit is a challenge awarded with a unique bonus, divided into 3 thresholds. Each bonus is revealed only after reaching the first threshold. The progress in the game is tracked by the 8 profits:

Top guy
reaching a given score in one game
reaching a given snake length in a game
reaching a given combo value
making a given number of turns in one game
playing a given number of times
reaching a given total score in all games
eating a given total number of stars in all games
biting the tail given number of times