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About game

Snake 360 is a classic snake game featuring movement in any direction. The objective is to reach the highest score by eating apples. The game ends if the snake bites its tail or hits the wall.

The main objectives of Snake 360 classic are:

Like it? Got some cool ideas? Or maybe the opposite? Don't hesitate and share your thoughts with us! Your feedback is really appreciated.


The core of Snake360 has been written solely in C++, using OpenGL ES2 to present the graphics. The Android deployment uses also a minimum Java code needed to integrate with the system. The demo available on the web site has been generated with the emscripten compiler.

The full version of the game is available for Android. In the future it will be ported to other systems, like iOS.

The game (and this site) uses the free font "High School USA" made by AbdulMakesFonts.